Who We Are

Vander Capital Partners is currently a private investment management firm performing investments through three vehicles:

Real State

Real State



Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

The investment programs are supported on experienced teams with relevant track record both in investment management and the specific industries. Vander constantly implements global best practices with a local execution component.
Finally, Vander believes on the power of knowledge and it has been created around a strong research basis, which is a core competency of the firm.

Firm's Goal
The principal goal of Vander Capital Partners is to become
a leading institutional investor in Latin America.

Vander knows that successful principal investing requires the ability of having a proprietary deal flow of quality investments, by recognizing the value of an opportunity, reacting quickly as well as being rigorous. Most of the transactions rely on the joint venture structure of the funds. The joint venture partnership has a longer commitment than the life of any single fund.


Vander’s Strategy

Private equity firms investing in emerging markets started investing and managing the funds mainly from the US and the UK. Eventually those firms started opening regional offices relying on local management teams. Finally, some emerging markets have experienced the birth of local private equity operators. Vander’s management has worked its way through the different investment management stages and is now a local private equity operator.

Based on the differences of doing business in developed and emerging markets, Vander has developed a specific investment and execution strategy that captures the financial upside and mitigates risks by using a set of securities, joint venture strategies.



Roberto Charvel

Roberto Charvel is an experienced private equity investor with experience in seed capital (investment committee member of Mexico’s first seed capital fund), venture capital (worked as an associate at Siebel System’s VC fund in Silicon Valley), was recruited by the first private equity platform from the US to invest in Latin America (O’Connor Capital Partners), managed the creation and growth of Latin America’s largest real estate private equity investment operation (opened the Mexico City office for Prudential Real Estate Investors). Prudential was invested and created the first institutional multifamily for rent assets in Latin America in Mexico City, Monterrey and Santiago de Chile.

Roberto Charvel founded Vander Capital Partners in 2008, which is a privately owned independent investment and advisory firm focused on principal investing. The firm concentrates its efforts on performing direct investments, but has experience as a LP and GP as well. One of Vander Capital Partners´ subsidiaries is currently a co manager of Latin America´s first multifamily for rent real estate fund. A direct investment of Vander Capital Partners was in a multifamily for rent building already sold.

Roberto Charvel has also focused in academics and has been teaching non stop since 2003. From 2003 to 2009 he taught venture capital and private equity at ITAM’s MBA. In 2010 he was invited to teach at several programs at IPADE where he helped create Mexico’s first academic program focused in private equity (AdeCaP) where he still participates. In 2015 he was invited to teach a class on real estate in emerging markets at Harvard Business School, where he has taught at the MBA and executive programs. Mr. Charvel has written several articles on entrepreneurship, early stage investing and private equity published in newspapers, business magazines as well as technical journals. He currently has a column at Expansion, Mexico’s leading business magazine.

He holds a B.A. in Economics from ITAM (cum laude) and an MBA from Harvard Business School.


Enrique Margalef

Enrique Margalef is a financial analyst with experience in mergers and acquisitions, financial valuations, evaluation of investment projects, analysis of financial statements and cash flow management. He has performed business valuations and analysis of investment projects for Mexican and transnational companies in the mining industry, training/education industries, the payments industry and the hardware industry, among others.

Enrique Margalef serves as Partner of Vander Mining Partners and as Director and Vice President of Corporate Development at Telson Resources Inc. Mr. Margalef served as Partner at Candiani Mining investment bank for three years. Mr. Margalef has dedicated six years of his professional career specifically to the mining industry, where he has advised numerous clients in the valuation of their mines and exploration projects. He also managed the investments of Vander Mining Partners for the acquisition and exploration of two early stage exploration projects before moving to Vander Mining, a Vander Capital Partners subsidiary, as a partner.

He has accredited the following courses from EduMine: Mining 101, Mine Project Economics, Estimating the Cost of Mining and Geostatistics 101. He also attended the Mining Finance Master Class in NYC given by GMAC Consulting (UK) Limited. Mr. Margalef graduated in Economics from Universidad Anahuac and is currently enrolled in the Masters in Business & Technology at Collective Academy.